Karma Korner  

The Karma Korner is a concept developed by Le Sutra Hotel. As publishers of the Hingori Sutras (series of spiritual books), the hotel has developed a spiritual literacy retail outlet. It is called ‘Korner’ only in order to give it a twist and not imply merely one end of a room. This is the first bookstore in the world to showcase books by prescription. The Karma Korner is going to have only 50 select titles. Many more than what a person needs to advance spiritually in a lifetime. The 50 books will be handpicked by Hingori – the author of Hingori Sutras and his spiritual associates – the people who have been involved in spiritualism for over 25 to 30 years. These will include the Hingori Sutra series of Karma Sutra, Aatma Sutra, Dream Sutra, Guru Sutra and Yoga Sutra.

The Prescription concept uses a simple Spiritual IQ test to determine the spiritual induction level of the book-buyers/readers. The 4 types of readers of the Karma Korner will be A) the initiate (Level 1), B) the inclined (Level 2), C) the involved (Level 3), and D) the intense (Level 4).

The Spiritual IQ test is based on the underlying theme of the 4 principles of Vishwas (Faith), Sewa (Service), Gyan (Knowledge) and Bhakti (Devotion).

It is only when a person evolves from one concept to another does he advance spiritually. Therefore books for people who are beginning to have faith will be the initiate level. People who already have faith and are involved in practices such as philanthropy and mantra chanting etc. will be prescribed books of Level 2 (the inclined) and Level 3 (the involved). People who have been involved in spiritual practice, reading and attending courses and want to go beyond dogmatic beliefs, who have attained a fair degree of knowledge on the subject will be prescribed books of Level 4 (the intense). The purpose is that if a person reads a few books of each of the Levels, then, within a year or more, he or she would have enough information or faith in their beliefs and practices. The mission statement of the Karma Korner is to advocate the 3 P’s – Philosophy, Philanthropy and Practice.

This list of 50 books will be a dynamic list that will keep on getting updated to match the requirements.