The Making

We gave ourselves a brief to take a small hotel nestled in one of the most vibrant streets in Mumbai and make it as significant as any other in the world – truly a pipe dream.

Fired by the concept, several artists, designers, curators, philosophers and visualizers were inspired to take on the challenge. What followed was a tomb of research and the team applying head and heart, amongst many works, rejections and re-works created Le Sutra – the world’s first Indian Art Hotel, one of the best luxury boutique hotels in Bandra West.

Taking from a palette of philosophy, myth, art form, and historic pride, it turned out to be quite a journey as we delved across time in our search of the illusive Indian-ness.

At Le Sutra we’ve tried to weave thousands of years of Indian ethos and narrate it through contemporary Indian Art.

Come, join us in our discovery…