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Instead of the Flower

Le Sutra


We didn’t bother creating just another luxury Art Hotel.
Instead, we let our unparalleled love for art
bring together a bunch of artists, sculptors, product designers.
The idea; to build one of a kind museum in Bandra that lets people stay.

120 Painters.
40 sculptors.
And 15 designers and saw the potential for magic.
They wanted their ideas to live here before you did.

Le Sutra the Indian Art Hotel, is lucky to live in the heart of the city. Bound by party.
Surrounded by shops. Touched by the sea.

Come, bring along your inner eccentric.

Come discover Le Sutra



Tamas is a quality of the spoilt. With this guna, a person or object is immersed, attached and drowned in self-indulgence and gratification. Characterized by imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, and delusion, this quality is full of excesses.

But on the upside, it’s colourful, opulent, intricate, and erotic.

Indulge your senses in rich experiences and embrace every bit of your desires.

Get lost in yourself at this luxury hotel.



‘Rajas’ is a force behind the desire to acquire new things. The modish ‘Rajas guna is known to lead people to action. This type of activity is explained by the term Yogakshem, which means acquiring something that one does not have. This vibrant guna is vivacious and is full of passion.

If your soul’s the type that desires a new experience, this is it.



‘Sattva’ is the embodiment of order. It stands for a positive and an orderly state of mind. In this guna the mind is a canvas of kindness, calmness and alertness. Those who have the ‘Sattva guna’ aspire for higher realm of attainment. So in short, this possibly is the only hotel in Bandra that provides you the luxury of higher consciousness. This guna is characterised by minimalist, celestial, ethereal and aesthetic objects. Aim for a higher path of existence. Float in here.

Facilities at Le Sutra


Angdai offers the latest treatments and personalized attention. The highly professional therapists trained by Caressa spa, guide you on the massage depending on your regime and skin type.


A Food and Fun getaway, where something’s always happening, this has a reputation for turning out the hottest culinary delights


Laundry, Doctor on Call, Book a Cab, Order a Movie Ticket or Show, Travel desk For tickets & tours around India & Abroad, Currency Exchange, Yoga Instructor etc.


With a focus on the research and exhibition of contemporary art and its social questions about the exhibition of art and its publics the gallery is a multi-term laboratory of exhibition-making and theory in relation to the public sphere.

Famous guests at Le Sutra

  • Mumbai gets the world's first Indian art hotel where Indian mythology, history and contemporary art merge to make each room a personal art gallery.

    Mid Day
    Mid Day News Daily
  • I think it was a brilliant idea... What is so beautiful is that many cities have their kind of new boutique hotels, but this hotel has a genuine idea at the center of each room... The idea that each room is an art experience is new...(in one word to me it is) peace... When in Mumbai I'd stay at Le Sutra.

    Baz Luhrmann
    Baz Luhrmann Movie Director
  • The words unique and different are very clich but this breaks that clich and is truly unique. I have never seen or heard of anything like this. One word to describe Le Sutra is Nirvana.

    Ken Ghosh
    Ken Ghosh
  • Living with Art... we admire the detail and determination with which the design concept has been executed... (the rooms are) big on design... this project is not a pretentious bid to be different  but shows a commitment to the cause of promoting Indian art and culture.

    Architect & Interiors India
    Architect & Interiors India
  • ...a beautiful art hotel bejeweled with a fabulous collection of art

    Hi! Blitz
    Hi! Blitz Magazine
  • Today when I saw this I was absolutely amazed and there was nothing I could say. It's very easy to copy something that others have created, it is very difficult to create something totally original and unique. This is going to be a really unique hotel it's quite spectacular the way it has been done. This is a historic hotel both in terms of what they have achieved and what it has done for art. A chance has been given to many young artists, designers, painters and sculptors. Apart from having created a beautiful hotel they have also given a platform to young talent.

    Anjolie Ela Menon
    Anjolie Ela Menon
  • With a number of artists, designers, interior decorators and curators that have worked on this project, we must say this makes any holiday stay even interesting.

    Elle Great Escapes, Globetrotter, The Hip Destination Guide
  • You've touched upon the most neglected but very relevant element of Indian history, mythology... It is unusual, extremely unique, innovative... there is so much you can explore, bring to life! Congratulations!!

    P.K. Mohankumar
    P.K. Mohankumar COO Gateway Hotels, IHCL Company Ltd.
  • I think what we seem to have forgotten in India is that art is not the icing on the cake, it is the yeast and unless we follow that yeast again, unless somewhere we find within us that aesthetic again, that each bindi is something, it is not just a bindi, and the way each weave means something, it is not just another thing. I hope the people who will come and stay in these rooms will rediscover the joy of 5000 years of creativity. And that we really find that resonance of ourselves in this because we must resonate. If there is anything with which we resonate it is with this aesthetic. Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian doesn't matter, the sheer energy, the sheer vibrancy, the kinetic energy that is the Shri Yantra is something that we must relearn to resonate with and that's why I'm so glad to be here. Bravo everybody behind this!

    Mallika Sarabhai
    Mallika Sarabhai
  • Every room has a unique different theme but I loved the Prakriti room

    Amrita Rao
    Amrita Rao Actress

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